Joey Weibel

(Head Trainer)


Meet Joey Weibel
(Head trainer)

I’ve been pursuing a future with dogs since age 6, reading science books on dog behavior, genetics and even starting my first dog walking business at age 7 here in Bloomington. My professional journey started at K9 Ponderosa, owned by Scott McConachie as a kennel tech in Delaware, Ohio, eventually working my way up to be the head trainer. I’ve expanded my passion for learning dogs attending the following workshops and shadow programs.

Training Techniques

On Leash

The on-leash training process teaches the command “calm” and is a great skill to build your relationship and personal confidence in your dog in all situations!

Off Leash

I use the E-Collar to take you and your dog’s relationship to the next level so you are able to enjoy your dog off-leash and your dog is able to enjoy himself in a safe way!

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