It's a partnership, not an ownership.

At Hoosier Canine we specialize in helping you on your journey to create the family dog you've always wanted!

Meet Joey Weibel
(Head trainer)

I’ve been pursuing a future with dogs since age 6, reading science books on dog behavior, genetics and even starting my first dog walking business at age 7 here in Bloomington. My professional journey started at K9 Ponderosa, owned by Scott McConachie as a kennel tech in Delaware, Ohio, eventually working my way up to be the head trainer. I’ve expanded my passion for learning dogs attending the following workshops and shadow programs.

Our Services

At Hoosier Canine we specialize in helping you on your journey to create the family dog you've always wanted! I have multiple programs that address behavioral issues, on leash walking, off leash freedom as well as puppy programs. I start with a free evaluation in order to get to know you and your dog(s) a bit better. We then will pick the program that fits best for the both of you and then set a start date. Start this process by booking your free evaluation today!


We will cover all the immediate issues you have with your dog, whether it be jumping up, pulling on the leash, barking, biting, chewing your things, etc.. We will set up a plan on how to work with your issues so that your dog can clearly understand what you are asking of them. Clear communication is key for teaching your dog to succeed!


1 on 1 Training

$150 / session

Virtual Lesson

(60 or 90 min)

  • 60 min: $125
  • 90 min: $175

Board & Train

  • Pet Sitting: $25/hr
  • On-Leash: $1200
  • Off-Leash: $1800
  • On & Off-Leash: $2500

Frequently Ask Questions

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Can we stop in to see the place?

I'd love to show you around but in order to keep everyone safe, we are by appointment only. Book an evaluation appointment today!

When I hear daycare, I think of unorderly and stressful. My focus on day school is about adding structure to you're dogs daily life so during his time away, he is practicing good habits instead of bad ones like barking, jumping, humping, ect.

The first response for a dog when the floor starts moving under it is fear so I want to help them through that fear to turn it into confidence. During the process of working them through the uncertainty, I am building their confidence in myself to handle scary situations for them which in turn builds their confidence because they know they can now depend on me for help. Once they can depend on me, they are much more likely to respond better to me during the daily socials which keeps everyone safer!

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